In times like these, when fuel costs are skyrocketing but you’re getting ready to hit the road for summer, you might be thinking about taking home a more efficient vehicle. At Thompson Audi, we offer drivers from Belfast to Gardiner, ME a series of new Audi models with Start/Stop technology that gives you a more efficient driving experience without sacrificing any of the performance or luxury that you appreciate in the Audi brand. Visit us from Lewiston or Auburn, ME to find your new Audi model today, and ensure it has Stop Start to get the most out of every drop of fuel.

How Stop/Start Works in Your New Audi

While it may at first seem like Stop/Start is just another gadget, you’ll quickly find that it does indeed make for a more efficient driving experience, especially if you frequently find yourself in stop and go traffic. Because the system turns off the combustion engine as you come to a stop, you’ll be burning no fuel as you sit and wait for a traffic light to change or for traffic to clear ahead of you. This is when your vehicle is typically least efficient, so by shutting the engine off in these situations, you’ll find your city fuel economy greatly improve, moreso if you are on a route where being stopped is common.

When the system restarts, it doesn’t use the typical starter system like when you first turn it on. Instead, it uses power from the battery to kick start the engine using the alternator. This ensures that it doesn’t burn a load of fuel on restart, making it more efficient than if you were to stop and restart the engine yourself using the ignition button.

Find our selection of new Audi models with Stop/Start and find a more efficient Audi for your Auburn, ME lifestyle today!

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