The Audi TT RS enjoys its last year in the American marketplace in 2022; it continues to maintain a strong presence in other markets worldwide. First introduced to the American audience in 2012, it has enjoyed a strong 10-year run. To celebrate the TT RS’s final year in America, a limited release of just 50 Heritage Edition models are available for purchase at Thompson Audi. This exciting sportster comes in some thrilling colors. This includes Alpine White, Tizian Red, Helios Blue, Malachite Green, and Stone Grey heritage colors, each with a uniquely colored leather interior that compliments the exterior paint hue. These five colors pay tribute symbolically to the TT RS’s innovative five-cylinder engine, with some of the color combinations only coming together for the first time in these collectible models.

The 2022 TT RS also features a unique engraving stating the model is a Heritage Edition on the rear glass panel’s right side. Other features include a leather-clad steering wheel and gear shift, an electric spoiler, anthracite wheels in a distinctive design, special logo floor mats, and black-tipped sport exhaust pipes. This model reaches a top speed of 174 mph, with a speed limiter curtailing higher numbers.

Its powerhouse engine design produces a top horsepower of 394 and 354 pound-feet of torque, allowing it to achieve an acceleration rate of zero to 60 mph in under four seconds. Enthusiasts will recognize this model year’s TT RS engine maintains its unique sound due to the way its five cylinders fire in rapid order, its deep rumble calling to mind Audi’s long history of utilizing this industry-leading engine design.

Audi enthusiasts in the American market who love this particular model can expect it to release early in 2022. So, rush to Waterville, ME, to climb behind the wheel of this athletic sports car before it zooms away forever.

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