As Audi models become more advanced and innovative, they are now capable of driving themselves without the driver's help. Autonomous driving is incorporated into new Audi models, improving safety and reducing the risk of a collision on the road. A study conducted in 2021 has found that this allows models to become more intelligent. The study primarily focused on three areas: law and progress, relationships of trust between humans and machines, and networked security.

The technology can produce more mobility solutions as the diversity of micro-mobility will continue to grow in the coming years. Many experts believe that the U.S. will be the leader in this type of technology, but other countries like London and Shanghai will also contribute to advancements. China is also one of the main leaders in the world as they're committed to expanding the infrastructure. New vehicle technologies will also be created in Europe and Germany in the next decade.

Many experts agree that the main focus of developing this type of technology is defining ethical foundations based on real situations. It's important to find the answers that different legislators and companies will need to have for consumers.

By 2030, new road rules are expected to be created as more cars feature autonomous driving. Drivers will need to learn these rules to develop more trust in autonomous driving. Car manufacturers hope that drivers become more accepting of the technology as it makes them safer and more comfortable in the driver's seat and has better access to mobility. As there's more access to mobility, it can allow different people to have more access to jobs in different locations.

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