While some automotive brands scream for attention, we manage to boast a broad customer base without pouring funds into loud marketing campaigns. That's because we prefer to let our flawless Audi models speak for themselves.

Here are a few things you can look forward to when you select a new or pre-owned Audi model at your Audi dealer in Waterville, ME.

Style That Dazzles

You'll make a habit of leaving a lasting impression on passersby when you get behind the wheel of an Audi vehicle. From our streamlined sedans to our polished SUVs, every model takes a bolder approach to elegance and redefines standards of luxury.

Comfort That Adapts

Rather than force you to fit a certain ideal of luxury, an Audi vehicle places you at the center of its design. This mentality results in features that accommodate your needs, allowing you to appreciate a personalized driving experience around Auburn, ME.

Athleticism That Awes

Any car can unleash a wave of raw power, but only elite models balance their energy with superior discipline. Whether you drive a sedan or an SUV, every Audi vehicle exhibits a well-rounded personality that keeps you in total command of your ride.

Thinking That Anticipates

You don't always know what lies around the corner, but you don't have to with the cutting-edge amenities of an Audi model. The latest advancements connect you to online resources while surveying your surroundings during your Belfast, ME, commute.

Performance That Lasts

All the perks of an Audi vehicle remain accessible throughout your car's lifetime. Audi models are known for their resilience and reliability, allowing you to savor many more adventures while keeping your expectations high.

Excellence That Improves

Although Audi models continue to remain at the forefront of the automotive industry, they never become complacent. Perfection is a constant pursuit, so you can expect electric powertrains and other enhancements with each generation of new Audi models.

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The future becomes brighter when you decide to take advantage of all the benefits an Audi sedan or SUV has to offer. Make the trip from Lewistown, ME, to Thompson Audi, and see for yourself why many of your neighbors remain loyal to the Audi brand.